When it comes to health and wellness, a second medical opinion can make all the difference in your care path. A second opinion often improves health care outcomes, by confirming a diagnosis or identifying alternative treatments.


As a member of a Cigna Health Plan, you have access to Decision Support from Teladoc*, which is overseen by our team of skilled clinicians who are specialized in this area of expertise.


Following your consultation with your doctor or GP, if necessary, a Cigna nurse case manager will be assigned to you, who will review your case and decide whether you will benefit from Decision Support.


Once reviewed, you’ll receive a detailed report which you’ll be able to share with your doctor or GP to discuss next steps.

Through Decision Support you will receive guidance on:

  • Your diagnosis
  • Treatment plans available to you
  • The various medications used to treat your diagnosis

Program benefits:

  1. Additional medical support to offer you clarity and peace of mind
  2. Get access to expert specialists around the world
  3. Provides you with the tools to make decisions about the appropriate care path for you

Cigna works with Teladoc Health, a global virtual healthcare leader providing a range of services, including Decision Support, from the world’s leading experts.


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